#02 Five Things You Should Never Do on LinkedIn

#2 Five Things You Should Never Do on LinkedIn

There are a few misconceptions that people have regarding LinkedIn as a platform. Employees just think that it’s a online resume holder and small business owners see no value in being active or present on this valuable Social Media platform. Both of you couldn’t be further from the truth. LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool that allows you to meet, network, partner up with other professionals, build a customer base and serve the needs of each other.

Building a social media strategy that is unique to each social media platform is essential to attract the right clients and partnerships to your business.

There are five areas that I see that are detracting your audience away from you or highlighting your professionalism.

No.1 Automatically share other social media updates to LinkedIn 

This only highlights your laziness

No. 2 Do not spam your Newsfeed

One to two updates either at lunchtime or just after work is appropriate.

No. 3 Do not lurk!

You want to connect, network, share informative material, blog articles, videos and audio updates.

No. 4 Do not connect with anyone and everyone

Connect with individuals that compliment your industry. Open up opportunities to partner and build your business.

No. 5 Do not neglect your LinkedIn Profile

Employees – share your awards, courses, projects that highlight your expertise

Self-Employed – Share your guest blogs, written a white paper, successfully completed additional qualifications

Make it easy for prospective clients, partners and industry professionals to find you.

LinkedIn groups in particular is an excellent space to spend time in. Some groups may have your ideal customers active in them.

There is one common theme to keep in mind, be helpful, be informative and give value to be successful on LinkedIn.