5 Things you Should Never Do on LinkedIn


Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to social media and how other people use it?

I believe social media should be to inform, share and met awesome new people. But, not everyone agrees.

Here are my five top things that I believe you should never do on Linkedin


No 1. Auto Post from one social media platform to another 

This is number one because it really ticks me off, and I am sure that I am not the only one. Seeing a twitter handle or hashtag on LinkedIn feeds is not appropriate


Aust post from one social media account to another infographic Amanda hoffmann


No 2. Spam the newsfeed

There is absolutely no logical reason for you to spam your followers or professional colleges with constant messages.

One to two updates on a daily basis that convey quality and informative information is adequate. Best times for updates are before, during lunch breaks and just after work. However, I have seen more people interact in Linkedin groups on weekends.


Do not spam social media networks


No 3. Lurking

Your whole reason for being on Linkedin should be with the intention of meeting, networking, sharing ideas and keeping up to date. If you are a little shy and do not know how to begin interacting online, why not begin by asking a question, sharing an interesting career relevant article or answering a topic that you know extremely well.

If you are self-employed, you want to take a step forward and pass your comfort zone. To be noticed by prospective partners or prospective new clients you need to interact and make your presence known.


Do not lurk on Linkedin


No. 4 Connect with anyone and everyone

Linkedin is not facebook or twitter, be more specific when connecting with people on Linkedin. You want to connect with individuals in your professional field, network with experts and communicate with potential clients.


Connect with everyone on Linkedin


No. 5 Neglect your Linkedin Profile

Your life is ever changing and never stays the same. So too your Linkedin profile will change over time. Ensure that when you complete a relevant course you update this to your experience. When you achieve recognition or a award, you update this to your profile also. If you are working on a project, then add it to your projects area on your profile. This allows customers looking for someone in your speciality field to find you and fellow experts to connect with you.


Neglect your Linkedin profile


I hope you like this short article and that it’s reminders help you to save  time and be more effective with marketing yourself on Linkedin.

Do you have any pet peeves about social media? Please share!