7 Simple steps to boost your Social Media Success

7 Simple steps to boost your Social Media Success

Are you stumbling about, trying to improve your social media presence with no idea what you are doing?

I love how Pam Moore puts it, are you making R.A.M.S ( Random Acts of Marketing – A Great Podcast Episode to listen to).

Are you finding yourself falling into the trap of random acts of marketing also?

All to often there are Social Media Gurus out there taking your money with no credible results or case studies.

I live in the trenches of Social Media, use it for my business and gain clients from my activities.

Let me share with you Seven steps to a more effective Social Media presence


1. What is your why?

What are you attempting to do through the use of social media?

To gain more followers?

Engage your customers?

Highlight that you are a key person of influence and showcase your expertise?

Know your why and and then create a digital strategy around that goal.


What is the reason you want to use social media

What is your Why for using social media


2. Ask your Customers

This is a very simple process, that is made to sound more complicated than it needs to be.

Ask your customers what social media platform they use, what interests do they have outside of work, what problems do they face that you could solve in a value driven blog article, podcast or an ebook? How do you know what will be valuable, unless you at first ask?


Find out what your customers want to read



3. Use Images

As humans, we are extremely visual and this is where a well presented image will increase your chances of being effective.

I could give you statistics around how an update with an image is four times more likely to be clicked on.

I use Adobe spark, a phone app to create images for Twitter when attending an conference to make my brand stand out and get noticed.


Improve your social media with images

Clever use of images


4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools to improve the opportunity of your updates to be found, and shared. They are like a glue that holds social conversations, Peg Fitzpatrick a social media strategist and speaker states that up to thirty hashtags are acceptable to use on a Instagram post. Overuse, can irritate people, show discretion.


clever use of hashtags

Use hashtags to get found


5. The Art of Facebook posts

There is an art to creating a engaging and interesting Facebook page. Experiment with posting at different times in a day, try text alone and text with an image. Every person’s readership or customer base is unique, learn to adapt your style and timing to suit that of your customers. When at first you fail, try another time, use different images, but be consistent and persist.


the art of using Facebook posts

Learn the art of Facebook posts


6. Try different Social Media Platforms

If you are seeking to grow your email list, gain new customers or get your name / brand out there, then trying different social media platforms make sense. Some ideas would be to set up a Pinterest account and pin your videos, images and blog links along with that of your customers. Spend 15 minutes a day on it for a month and see if this drives traffic to your website or facebook page. Trial a new platform for a month and document what works and what does not.


use different social media platforms


7. Go Live

Facebook Live, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter are all visual platforms where you can share live footage to delight customers or potential customers. Try behind the scenes, share a testimonial or a practical tip to solve your ideal customers problems. Interview someone at an event to attract more eyeballs to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.


go live and use video


At the end of the day, you want to advertise what makes you different. Why you are the expert in your field or specialty and connect on a more personal basis with your audience. Remember that consistency, persistence and planning are a powerful combination to succeed with your unique Social Media Strategy.


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