Begin with the End in Mind

Begin with the end in mind

I recall my Nana the Great saying this to me time and time again.

When we were making a stew, she would remind me to begin with the end in mind. What did I want the stew to taste like. did I want a thick meaty stew or a creamy vegetable based one. I left the tripe, crumbed sheep brains and garlic fried kidney to her.

Some of my happiest memories were spent as a teenager cooking, talking and laughing with my Nana the Great. She was a real character and as a teenager, I had absolutely no idea how blessed I was to spend this precious, character building time with a woman born in the late 1800’s.

My Great Nana taught me the value of integrity, keeping your word even though it was inconvenient. The priceless value of unconditional love and the joy of thinking youthfully even as a 80 year old woman.

As 2016 fast approaches, what are you going to start with the end in mind?

Do you have any goals, unfinished projects, qualities you want to improve or ensure that you feel like you have accomplished something?


Step 1 Reflect

What did you want to achieve for 2015, and what did you actually complete?

What have you left unfinished?

What didn’t you do this year, that you want to achieve in 2016?

What are your goals in 2016:




Self – Improvement


Step 2 Do not beat yourself up!

Step 1 is all about reflecting on what you wanted to have completed, but due to day to day living never had a chance to get round to it or do it. It is not an excuse to make yourself feel bad. So, shake it off.

If you accomplished most of what you wanted to, then that is sensational.

If you find that you are feeling pretty low at this point in time, shake it off.

You have a sensational opportunity in 2016 to turn that feeling all around.


Step 3 Write your 2016 goals down on paper 

There is something amazingly powerful about writing all your goals down on paper. That connection between mental and visual that come together and commit.


Step 4 Schedule deadlines for those 2016 goals

New year resolutions rarely are kept, because they are simply resolutions spoken in the emotion of the moment with no planning or commitment

To assist with your goals becoming a reality, it is important to give them a time duration for expiry.

Look at the goals you have written down and think realistically how long it will take to actually achieve them.

If you are wanting to loose weight, then realistically your goal will be set over the entire year. That ultimate goal of say loosing 15 kgs would be then broken down into mini goals.

Get up daily and complete 30 minutes of exercise

Meet a certain calorie limit for each day

Complete weights 3 times a week


Step 5 Commit and Hold yourself Accountable

The last piece of the puzzle is to make a conscious decision to be determined to achieve your goals throughout the year. You need to hold yourself accountable. If telling people helps to hold you accountable you might like to share your goals and progress in a weekly blog article, on instagram or facebook. Alternatively, you might share your goals with a trusted family member of friend, asking them to help you keep focused.

Choose an avenue that will work for you.


If you found that this article helped you, please comment or message me. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy a productive and wonderful 2016 xx