Digital Futures Display at the State Library Queensland

Digital futures

Initially, I drove to the State Library to get creative.

Planning to write some blogs and a ebook.

Welcoming everyone upon arrival was a musical group called The Bessies.

Their music filled the foyer area leading into the State Library’s entrance.



A welcome distraction 

A big billboard, stated the words “Digital Futures display.”
Intrigued, I stepped inside of the elevator and stopped at level 2.

The Digital Futures had it’s own separate entrance with gold writing.

As you enter, interactive audio and video screens line the entrance walls.

From Sporting technology to our planet earth.

Walking around the rest of the displays into the interactive area to the rear, I was greeted by the squeals of delight as a little girl excitedly watched her mum play bowling on a interactive display projected on the wall.
The volunteers greeting were enthusiastic and friendly.
When I asked if they would like to appear on Facebook Live, they immediately jumped at the idea, then upon second thoughts asked if they could contact the creator of the display, Amelia.

Five minutes later, Amelia and Ann introduced themselves and were happy to give a brief overview of their amazing interactive display.

This Facebook Live is impromptu and spontaneous, what a lovely surprise to be given a personal tour that I can now share with you, my audience online.


As you can see there are a variety of options that you can enjoy when you visit yourself.

This was a interactive room, that once you answer a short survey, you are given a four number code to unlock the door. Inside you can choose to watch the night skies, the beach, the splendor of running water in a canyon and more.


Who would enjoy visiting?

Under 6’s
There is a child care / reading corner for younger children and a great interactive games area

10 years +
The interactive videos, Virtual Reality Activities, Interactive Games area, Australian Landscapes Room, loads of videos with audio with even a interesting display where you hold the tin can to your ear and touch the floral wiring display to hear an audio recording.

Mums, Dads and Grandparents
I found the rise of the sharing economy video very interesting and informative.
My number one favorite was absolutely the 3D sketching display with the virtual reality camera.
I was in awe of being able to step into a 3D box and not just draw but step back under, over and through my artwork. A extremely fun and amazing experience.

A woman retirement age once she heard from me how much fun it was, decided to give it a go.

I would loved to have videoing her, as she was excitedly waving her arm about and loving the experience as well.

Definitely gives a more positive light of the use of virtual reality instead of violent video games.

University Students
Talk to the volunteers.

It’s such a popular favorite that there is a waiting list for volunteers wishing to join in.
You will enjoy stepping into the world of virtual reality and many of the interactive displays.
Why not write on the blue dot your prediction of the future of digital technology and stick it on the time line?

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