LinkedIn Profile Success


While we can all agree that LinkedIn is an excellent job seeker tool, real life success stories not only make it easier to acknowledge LinkedIn’s potential, but reassures us that anyone can do it.

Let me share a real life example of how LinkedIn helped a professional not only to be offered a large pay increase, but finally receive the recognition she deserved.

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I had been nagging my cousin for some time that she should update her profile on LinkedIn. She was a quiet achiever, overlooked by her upper management, well educated and highly experienced in her professional field. I saw the potential she had over every other broker in her field of expertise.

Why was this?

Upper management in her profession all had awful profiles
Hardly anyone had a photo, let alone a good one
Most did not have a profile at all on LInkedIn
All of these points above made me extremely excited. I really wanted to put her name in front of potential head hunters, as I knew she was underpaid and her superior customer service was not recognized. Awards were heavily swayed in favour of her male contemporaries.

Here were our steps that we took over a period of four months

Step 1

A recent, professional photo was uploaded

Step 1 Upload a professional photo on Linkedin

Step 2

She recorded her professional summary and then typed it all out as to what made her customer service first class and explained her experience in her own words.

Step 2 Create a first person summary on Linkedin

Step 3

Updated all her course studies, certifications and awards

Step 3 Add your studies, certificates and awards on your Linkedin Profile

Step 4

Joined appropriate LinkedIn groups to stay up to date with new rule changes, legislation and network with fellow professionals.

4. Join applicable LInkedIn Groups to network


Head Hunters started messaging her within a month

While my cousin had scoffed at my suggestion that she would be contacted for job offers within weeks. She had to scramble together a current professional resume. Why? She was approached by three companies to apply for new positions. New positions that all had come with a pay increase.

I received an excited phone call one evening, as she told me she needed to connect her phone to LinkedIn to keep abreast of the job offers and connection requests. She was surprised, a little overwhelmed, but very excited!

AHA Moment

Four months after updating her LinkedIn profile, following groups and answering questions within these LinkedIn groups, my cousin had a “AHA” moment.

She acknowledged how much experience and expertise she had in her industry. Not surprisingly, she had taken her extensive 20 years of experience for granted, She was loving LinkedIn networking, and appreciated how well informed LinkedIn groups kept her.

She uploaded her current resume, and began welcoming competitors job proposals. This was an enormous step for her, as she had loyally worked for the same company for nearly two decades.

Pay rise, recognition and renewed self confidence

She attended a few interviews and was ready to begin a new adventure with a increase in pay. When she told upper management of her decision to leave them, they did not take her seriously. Within days, not only did they reassure her of how valuable she was, express their distress at loosing her, they also matched her new positions pay rise and then some..

A sensational result

What did a new profile achieve for my cousin?

Improved Self Esteem
Recognition of her value and expertise
Substantially Increased pay
Respect from upper management
Confidence to apply for future positions or a promotion
You can do it!

My cousin is not assertive, she is a quiet achiever.

If she can put her best foot forward, feel the fear and do it anyway….so can YOU!

Go on, what is holding you back?