Out Sourcing Tips


I have been using outsourcing from Fiverr and Upwork ( previously Elance ) for quite some time with very little issues. However, just recently with two US freelancers, there has been a lack of communication

I find this extremely perplexing, as I have used freelancers from India, Philippines and Jamaica (who are cheaper) may have some language issues but they are prompt, fair and easy with work with.

What I have learnt from these situations is this:


Prior to appointing a freelancer

Ensure that you have a clear picture of the work you want completed

Write down a step by step progress map so that you can see any gaps.

Arrange the medium, graphics or outline before appointment.

Think about how you are going to communicate.

Skype Video, chat or combination

Upwork chat

Google hangouts

How will you share your images / slide shares, audio or video?

I find shared folders in Evernote and Dropox are ideal, if you cancel the work, finish the work or have security concerns you can easily “unshare” the folder with the freelancer at any stage.

Set up specific passwords, logins and never give the master key to anyone


When posting a job

Provide a detailed work map or list of what you expect up front

Try to provide milestones

Fixed price jobs give you reassurance that your budget will not blow out


Finding a Freelancer

If they do not answer any direct questions do not use them

If the freelancer takes longer than 48 hours to get back to you, give them the flick

Ensure their english is written clearly without too many gaps, as broken English will only get worse as your project expands


Keep the freelancer keen

Pay in small installments, arrange multiple milestones along the way

Use the Upwork and fiverr platforms as they have dispute teams to get your money back if the work is unfinished or if they fail to meet your specifications.


Outsourcing can give you a wonderful advantage when completing your work within set deadlines and getting ahead with your goal setting. In comparison, jump in without any preparation, or expect the freelancer to just know what you want will end up in disaster!

I hope these tips are useful to you.

If you have any additional tips or questions, please comment below!