Presenting at What’s On 4 Kids about Social Media Mavericks and Analytics

Social Media Mavericks with Amanda Hoffmann

I had the pleasure and privilege to present at What’s On 4 Kids first ever Conference on Saturday 03rd June 2016 with a 30 minute presentation about Social Media.

Social media is such a huge topic, condensing it into a time schedule of only 30 minutes made for quite a challenging presentation, but I believe I highlighted the main points on each platform.

I focused on Facebook Insights, based on the Sensis 2015 social media survey that stated 93% of businesses with a social media presence were on Facebook.

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Alison Laverty and her husband from Photo Show on DVD have videoed my presentation.

When editing is completed, the presentation will be added to the bottom of this post for you to view, should you wish to.

The room was filled with over 60 innovative and entrepreneurial business owners who specialise in children’s products or services.

I was inspired by their innovation, passion and deep desire to provide the very best for children Australia wide.

Elise Easdown with her team Natrice Grosvenor and Bree Coates have created a uniquely inspirational event, where business owners can share, support and inspire each other in a safe environment. Their motivation is to show appreciation for the numerous child products and services industrious who cannot find recognition like this anywhere else.

I was touched by the stories behind the business names, the emotion and passion that these entrepreneurial personalities share in common.

They also share the challenge of juggling young families while striving to make their dreams a reality.

What was the one most shared point of view from all that attended the event with me?

Thank God, it’s not just me. We all have the same challenges, hopes, fears and uncertainty. I am not alone…..

Elise Easdown and her team have given these mums, dads and single entrepreneurs a community of hope, strength and support.

What’s on 4 has created a community where a businesses is much more than just a income, it is a vehicle that enriches the lives of children.

One of these inspirational business owners was found in their Keynote Speaker Tina Harris.

I had never even heard of Tina Harris before this conference from Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band, although it seemed everyone else in the room had.

What I can say, is that I found Tina’s story behind her success one that any entrepreneur with challenges should listen to and find the strength to follow their dreams.

Tina has pushed through serious health issues, financial and emotional trauma to succeed in making her dream a glowing reality.


Natrice Grosvenor and dear friend of mine presented a talk on the importance of Branding and standing out.

Natrice explained the Key elements to building a successful brand and provided basic steps to accomplishing yourself as a expert in your field.

If anyone in the room was confused by the term “branding” Natrice certainly clarified and guided everyone in the right direction.


We also learnt a very fun activity to try with Pineapples where exercises where performed throughout the room by many of those attending.
I loved how easily all the business owners embraced the moment and participated.
I am sure a room full of bookkeepers and accountants would have not been as open to pushing pineapples around.
These entrepreneurs had a blast with Rachel Tiernan directing them in full costume from Two Flawed Girls


Elizabeth Gillam shared her journey from accountant to franchisee and how she has now become known as The Franchise Growth Coach.

Her story is particularly interesting, as her husband was a peanut farmer who sold his farm to buy a franchise of his own also..

She has a passion to help others realise their dreams and she explained how they can in a realistic manner.



The founder and owner of What’s On 4 Kids Elise Easdown shared many fine points from how she does it all, to time saving tips and organisational techniques.
I found much of what she shared clever and extremely practical for anyone in business.
Some of her points were:

Setting 5 tasks per day

Organising your week’s meals in advance

Shopping once a week and having one top up only to save time and trips back and forth from the shops

In-sourcing household responsibilities

Outsourcing work from a business prospective and not trying to do it all



Both Allison Grant and Rachel Tiernan from Two Flawed Girls conducted their MC position wonderfully, greeting the many winners on the stage.



We really do forget the power of recognition when we are in business.

I have always been happy to serve my clients and have never thought about being recognized.

Being successful in business for me was always enough.
I was touched by many of the winners stories and the humility in which they accepted their awards.



The food of course was delicious from the finger food while awaiting outside the entry to the banquet inside.



While we ate, awards were presented and door prizes were announced throughout the evening.

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