Shame And Humanity

Shame and Humanity

Are you one of those amazing female leaders who never feel shame, disappointment and guilt?

Do you always have everything under control?

What an utter load of lies, deceit and nonsense…..


Impossible female leadership with no human emotion does not exist

Impossible female leadership with no human emotion does not exist


I am completely human and feel all of the above, if not on a daily, certainly a weekly basis.

I felt shame over the fact that I have not accomplished the completion of two business websites by 30th June 2016.

I felt guilty that I have not completed all my recordings for my new business podcast as scheduled.

My blogging has not been entirely consistent over the five sites that I manage over three businesses and one mastermind group.

I have not filled up all my Aussie Bloggers Podcast recording slots for next month and August 2016.

I have not completed all my company accounts to Trial Balance yet ( come on, I still have till tomorrow night)

I did not get my workshop landing page online by Friday last week as expected

I beat myself up that I had the flu and rested all weekend instead of working.

I felt guilt, while I snuggled under my quilt while my daughter cuddled into me last night to watch the end of Season 1 Stargate Atlantis with me.

It’s time we all put things into perspective…..


Take Action, stop complaining

Take Action, stop complaining


If you are failing to meet deadlines due to laziness or lack of planning.

Lace up those work boots of your’s and take action.

Write a list of “to do”

Write out a schedule over a time period to complete the tasks / goals

Stick to that schedule without making any excuses

Just DO IT!

Stop the Guilt, shame and negativity. Live your life!

Stop the Guilt, shame and negativity. Live your life!


If you fail to meet deadlines because it’s the school holidays, stop the guilt.

Go out and live life

Hold a meeting with the kids and schedule out activities / events they want to see / do

Create amazing memories

Love your kids


Live your Life


As women, we put too much on our plate and then feel shame, guilt and allow that little voice inside our heads to smash our self-esteem.

Snuff the voice – drown it out

Take action and revisit your goals

Schedule in more “me time” each and every day / week / month

Know yourself and spend more time with good friends


All too often we waste too much time and energy putting ourselves down.

We only have one life to live, our children will grow up faster than any of us ever thought and work does not go anywhere.

I have come to the conclusion that you do what you can, take care of your health, love your children while they want your 100% time and attention and everything else can wait!

Goals, aspirations, dreams and success will all await another time.

Live your life today, smell that rose, play with the kids and worry about deadlines, schedules and success when you have the energy and mindset to do it.