#08 Three ways to increase your Twitter Followers organically

Increase your Twitter Followers organically

Tonight is a short podcast on the three points I learnt from our episode with Keith Keller on the Aussie Bloggers Podcast on how we can organically grow our twitter followers.

I have been putting these points into practice consistently for the last three weeks to grow our followers on our new twitter account.

What have been the results?

100 new followers every week, with today the end of week three with 320 followers.

How did I do it?

Keith Keller is our very own Aussie Twitter expert, who is continually learning and generous in sharing his expertise. He have substantial credibility with 40.000 organic followers that have built over time through integrity, helpfulness, sharing quality content and with no hard sell!

What are these magical three points that I share? You are going to have to hear my podcast to find out, surfice to say they are easy to implement. Anyone can do this!

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Good night and have an amazing and productive week!