#07 Make a recommendation on LinkedIn

Podcast No.7 LinkedIn Recommendations

When a individual does something out of the ordinary, how can you show your gratitude?

Take 5 minutes out of your day to connect with them, then write a LinkedIn recommendation.

What would constitute a reason to spend a few minutes to type a recommendation for someone?
Fantastic service, sharing a wealth of knowledge, experiencing a sensational talk at a conference or listening to a podcast that resonated and helped you no end. These are all opportunities for you to show gratitude and express it in a manner that takes more effort than just a “thank you”.

Why does writing a LinkedIn Recommendation mean so much to people?
It takes additional effort on your behalf and some preparation. Not only that, but it will allow other people to find them and experience the same positive experience you enjoyed. It’s the greatest compliment you can show, and something I feel we all fail to do on a regular basis.

My short podcast step by step will take you through the process of writing a recommendation.

1.Connect with the individual on LinkedIn with a personalised message

2.Once connected, go to their bright blue SEND A MESSAGE tab and select or hover over the arrow

3.Click on and select “Recommend”

4.When writing your LinkedIn Recommendation be genuine, specific and ensure that what you say compliments their existing LinkedIn Profile.

5.State the appropriate circumstances that you both were in at the time (College, Employer, Hired them or Worked with them)

6.If you have multiple titles on your LinkedIn Profile, select the appropriate title for that particular recommendation.

7.If the person you are recommending has multiple titles, only select the title specific to your recommendation.

8.Press Send

Displaying thanks and gratitude are gifts that we all can give on a daily basis.

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