5 Twitter Tips to Grow Follower Numbers

5 ways to gain more twitter followers

As bloggers, we spend a great deal of time and thought on our articles. Creating images, branding, value driven content and share stories of our life, work or interests. What is the use of putting all this time and attention into a post, if it will not be read by other? Twitter, is a fast moving and social platform that bloggers can use effectively to share posts and opinions.

Over the past five months, I have been experimenting with my growing my twitter profile and follower base. I started with 518 followers on my @blogsupport4all on the 01st January 2016 changed the name to @amandaghoffmann and now has 1060 Followers which has more than doubled.


Old profile now @AmandaGHoffmann


If you are after an amazing story of 1000’s of followers in a short duration of time, you are not going to get them from me here. I own and operate more than just one business and twitter account. I, like yourselves do not have a huge amount of time to dedicate to fast tracking follower growth. But I will show how through consistently setting aside small amount of time over a period of time you can grow your follower base consistently.

Why are twitter followers so important to attract and grow?

The first reason for a blogger is to want to have more Twitter followers would be to introduce their blog site to new readers. The second, to increase their blog’s traffic and increasing google love to their site so that their articles show up more often in searches.  The third and last reason to meet and interact with like minded Twitter followers / users.

Blogging can be a lonely pass time, why not meet bloggers from all over the world and interact?

Here are five tips that I have successfully used to grow my twitter followers from 518 on 01st January, to 609 on 31st January 2016 to 700 13th April 2016 and now 1060 followers as of this article today.

TWITTER TIP No. 1 | Follow other Twitter Users with like interestsClick To Tweet



I used twitter “search” with hashtags #blogger, #blogging, #blog to find other twitter accounts who were bloggers like myself. I then put aside a few minutes every couple of days to follow people who looked like they had the same interests as myself. Mummy bloggers, Lifestyle bloggers, Daddy Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers, I would follow their account if they were “active”.  To qualify as active, they need to have post updates themselves on a regular basis. I am now saying daily, but they need to be on twitter at least two to three times in any given week. If they only tweet once a month or so, I would give it a miss.

TWITTER TIP No.2 | Find time to click on their Blog url & commentClick To Tweet



Anyone who followed me, as I had the time I would choose 5 new followers and click on their twitter profile, click on their blog url and read an article that interested me. I would then tweet a genuine comment about the article or images.

TWITTER TIP No.3 | Create Twitter Lists to reduce noise and confusionClick To Tweet



When you look at your twitter account on your mobile, beside your twitter profile on the right is a small cog, click on that cog.

There are Settings; View List; Drafts; Help; Sign Out and Cancel

Click on View Lists and create some to keep track of who you are following and who is following you. Helpful lists to create might be:

People who Retweet your updates

People who Like an update/s regularly

People who communicate with you on twitter

Local Bloggers in a specific niche, area or country

People you have met in real life or would like to meet

Your list can be anything you want them to be, but they are very useful when you choose, like I do to follow everyone. I even have a list called “CURATE” for people I may not follow, but who share excellent content that I can retweet on my twitter updates.

TWITTER TIP No.4 | Include when possible images with your updatesClick To Tweet



When sharing sensational content, a quote or another blogger’s article, try to include a image with the update where possible.

This helps to attract twitter users and stands out in the busy, noisy reality of fast paced twitter feeds!


Success vs Value Quote


TWITTER TIP No.5 | Share your followers content and mention their twitter handleClick To Tweet



When checking out your followers blog url, or their twitter feed, be sure to share any relevant content.

You want to ensure that the update your share is consistent with your twitter feed goals, but why just share your own stuff?

Twitter is social, communication is essential. By sharing your followers valuable content and making sure you mention them, you are being generous, smart with your time and will gain loyal followers.

After all, where is the fun in just blogging alone or tweeting just your own content?

Be social, share what you love and introduce other twitter followers to new content, friends and ideas.

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