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Blog More Regularly - Amanda Hoffmann


Blogging on a regular basis is a challenge for any blogger.

We begin with the best intentions to post an article consistently, but as the weeks melt into months, momentum escapes us.

The decision to blog more regularly becomes elusive and tonight we will discuss a few points on how to achieve our consistency.


How to Overcome Road Blocks?

We sit down in front of the computer, might have a glass of wine or a cup of tea to begin our blog.

We stare at the screen, but find as you type all your ideas disappear.

To prevent future cases of blogging block, why not try these ideas.

When you are surfing the internet and see a great idea to blog about, save it.

While driving, if an idea comes to mind record it on your phone (hands free of course).


Create a Blogging Schedule or Content Calendar

Some sites that have examples and provide free downloadable templates are Convince & Convert , Hootsuite and Hubspot .

Depending on your blogging niche, you can set articles on particular days or special months.

Decide on how frequently you will blog on a daily, twice weekly, weekly or monthly.

Make sure that it is a realistic, and achievable schedule.

Plan to succeed, not fail.



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Make a set time to blog 

Set a specific time of the day and schedule it into the calendar.

Keep your family on side, prioritise a time that works for everyone.


Use Online Tools to Collect and Save your ideas

I use Evernote to save blogging article ideas into specific folders, but you might use Google Drive , Icloud, Outlook or dropbox to do the same process.

Google article headings to read similar articles and then write your own angle


Use Outlines

Decide on a blog heading

Write down the main points of your blog idea then fill in the details later to make it easier.


Long Blog Posts

Short and sweet articles appeal to a reader more often than not. If you find that your article is significantly long, why not make that one article into a series of articles?

Turn a 5 point blog into 5 blogs over time.

Reduce the size of the blog by using a infographic for visual appeal ( picmonkey, canva, piktochart) are just a few online free resources where you can create an infographic.

Record the blog by audio – great tactic to diversify into other mediums.


Revamp Old Blogs with different Mediums

Discuss the older blog and explain how things have changed years later

For timeless information, turn the old blog into a slide share and connect it to your LinkedIn profile to show case your expertise

Create a info-graphic

This allows you to share great content, save time and reach a new audience


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Plan to Succeed 

The statistics say that many bloggers burn out after 3 months.

Ensure that you plan to succeed over the long term.


The Future 

Tanja and I have recorded many episodes from bloggers discussing three practical tips, lessons or tricks. Why not listen to the show?




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Please comment below if you have any further questions or ideas for me to blog about in the future.