5 Easy Steps for your Blog or Business to Succeed on Pinterest

Easy 5 Step process to use Pinterest for your Business or Blog - Amanda Hoffmann

Pinterest Success the Basics on Strategy and Growth

Our Mastermind Session on the 24th January 2016 was completed on Skype discussing with 5 other attendees from the Aussie Bloggers Podcast Facebook Group the basics on Pinterest Strategy and growth.

Throughout January 2016 I endeavored to practice all the points we discussed on the night. How did my growth go with my own account?

I started with 104 followers on 01/01/2016 and currently as of this publish date 30/01/2016 I have 344 followers.

By using these 5 points from my mastermind session I have grew my @AmandaGHoffmann Pinterest account by 230% in 30 days.

You can watch my masterminds session here



Our attendees on the night Alison Laverty, Tan Ja, Patricia Springsteen and Poitr Dancewicz all have business Pinterest accounts while Jody Danson thought her’s might still be a personal Pinterest account.

In my mastermind session I share the advantages of creating a verified Business Pinterest account.

Verifying your website url is extremely important on Pinterest as it give your audience the confidence that you are a real person and gives you credibility.

Filling out your entire Pinterest profile with a personal photo of yourself  is also a must.

Have a personal photo or at least your blog / business logo

Fill out your “ABOUT YOU” section with a keyword rich description so that your profile will be found on Pinterest and Google

Ensure you verify your URL address with Pinterest

Be consistent with your user name across multiple social media platforms

Select how people can notify you

Connect your social media platforms

By far the biggest win verifying your website on Pinterest will give you, is the analytics section.

You will be able to see the number of “clicks” or traffic that check out your website.

Isn’t that the reason you use Pinterest as a blogger or business anyway?

As I progress through the mastermind session, I share case studies and the importance of knowing your audience.

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Create an account for your ideal reader / customer

 Who are they?

What is their Lifestyle?

What is their income?

Are they single or married?

Do they have children?

Do they travel?

What do they do in their spare time?

The answer to these questions will then decide on what boards you should be creating and pins you should be sharing on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Presentation

Your first 2-8 boards on your Pinterest account are your most important. They tell people who you are, what value you can offer them and showcase your expertise.

As a blogger or a business owner, you want to seduce the first time viewer to linger and check out other boards by highlighting your top eight.


Search Optimise your board names and descriptions

You need to ensure that the names you call your boards are relevant. To help you in this area, I have created another short video to demonstrate



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Remember your call to action at the end of each board description to suggest what your audience should do next!

Click to your website

Follow you on Pinterest

Follow you or subscribe on social media

Download a free ebook or other value item

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Curate awesome and value driven content 

This does not mean you need to create content on a daily basis, but you do need to find reliable and valuable content to share.

You can find pinnable content on Google+, your favorite blog site, twitter trends, youtube or from your own webpages.


Number One – Ensure that it will interest and be relevant to your target audience!

To Grow your followers you need to be consistently pinning valuable content on a daily basis for good sustainable growth.

My youtube goes into this in more detail for you.

I hope that you found this information of value to you.

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