How you play cards, might mimic your life

How cards mimic your life

As I played the card game 500 with my family while visiting in Sydney, I thought how you play cards, might mimic your life.

We all have choices when living one day to the next. How happy, satisfying or desirable our lives eventuate, lies solely on our own actions and attitude.
If you cruise along with no goals or strategy for a successful life, over analyze things, miss opportunities, procrastinate or loose concentration that ends up causing you to make silly mistakes.

It is our responsibility and privilege to design how and what we focus on at any one time.

Do you glide or plan your life

No Strategy or Goal planning

While playing a game of 500, it is important to make note of what calls are made prior to playing, what cards your team member leads with, and what your opposing team throws out.  How they make their calls for trumps can also indicate what they might, or may not have in their hands. We are all creatures of habit and behavior, by being observant you can win a game each and every time.

This is where planning a strategy can play a part in winning your overall game with your partner. If you just cruise along for the fun of it with no strategy at all, the chances of your winning a hand or game significantly decreases.

Do you always over Analyze

Over Analyze

My biggest failing in playing a game of 500’s is that I continually over analyze my partner and the opposition. I take note of eye twitches, card edges, body language, tone of voice and even how often they shift in their seat. While beneficial, it can distract me from actually enjoying the game itself or making a decisive trump call.

In life, you may find that even after completing your due diligence, completing extensive research you lack the confidence to simply act. While diligence in having all the facts are essential, they can be an excuse you make for procrastination.

This is where my family know that if I have a glass or two of wine, I become a much better card player. The wine allows me to relax enough, that I simply focus on the game at hand and don’t over analyze everything that a player does.

Make Silly Little Mistakes in your life

Make Silly Mistakes

Due to loss of focus, my cousin and I made silly little mistakes that lost us our game. We might throw down a trump card when we had already won the hand, but put another trump card down anyway. Throw out a wrong card, showing the other team what was in my hand. Or simply just fail to follow the game and miss an opportunity to win.

These are small slips of attention that could in our everyday lives cause us to loose business opportunities, friends or even our good reputation.

Those little slips of the tongue, that spoil the harmony and happiness of the household by letting loose a negative comment, instead of staying silent.

Yes, how a game of cards can actually teach you much about yourself and where you need to focus more time on improvement.

Life is after all just one big game that we play from the moment we wake up to when we fall asleep.

Tell me where you have seen everyday actions teach you a little about yourself also….I would love to hear your story.