Striving for perfection becomes an excuse for procrastination


I had procrastinated for over two years about starting a podcast.

I knew from attending the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego in April 2013 that podcasting was a powerful medium to use and one I should be diving into.

But ….I was scared.

Scared of sounding awful

Scared that no body would listen

Scared of people thinking I’m a idiot

Scared of not making my podcast a success.

Fear consumed me and I gave up on the idea.

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Late last year, a facebook friend whom I had never met  in person, Tan-ja wanted to meet with me about a book idea. Secretly, I thought that we might make a great podcast team. At our coffee meeting, Tan-ja took a deep breath and suggested that we should seriously consider doing a podcast together. I almost danced in my seat ….. Yay!

Tan-ja had attended the We are Podcast conference on the Gold Coast created by Ronsley Vaz and Michaela Clark, where she had gotten the “AHA” moment to start a Blogger’s podcast.

We decided to begin Aussie Bloggers Podcast, interviewing our very own wonderful Aussie Bloggers with a focus of 3 useful points each show that bloggers could use themselves.

December 2015 our podcast became a reality and I finally found the courage to begin my own little podcast here on this site – AmandaHoffmann.com/podcast


 Starting our podcast….

I introduced Tan-ja to Evernote where we would create shared folders for interviews, templates, interview notes and work chat to communicate

Tan-ja created the website via a free wordpress theme

While I started approaching Australian Bloggers on my Blogger Support 4 All facebook group. Linda Reed-Enever and Trish Springsteen were quick to put their hands up to become our first guests on our new show.


Courage is doing it scared


Beginning to record ……

I had a podcast kit that I had purchased two years ago on Ebay.

Podcast Kit was not compatible with my computer which was Windows 7.

We were recording in the State Library Rooms for meetings and music playing which depending on the room had an echo

Fast reliable internet was problematic

Asking guests to use a microphone for sound quality

Linda Reed-Enever suggested an ingenious idea where I used my jacket to “buffer” the echo by draping it along my carry basket behind my surface pro. Funny enough, it actually helped!


Uploading Podcasts online

This ended up becoming a sharp learning experience for Tan-ja. After many hours, Tan-ja found that buzzsprout was the easiest podcasting platform to load and embed a link to wordpress.

From there, we decided to keep our processes as simple as possible with loadiing the podcasts on wordpress and itunes.

Tan-ja then schedules what Friday the podcast is due to go live!

My Personal AmandaHoffmann.com Podcast Series

I record my podcasts with my Rode Microphone to my Samsung Edge, I will upload the recording to my dropbox file

I then upload the recording on buzzsprout, and embed onto my wordpress post.


Yet to perfect

When it comes to recording and presenting our podcasts we still have much to learn. In the end, I believe that striving for perfection becomes an excuse for procrastination!

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