QAGOMA Fun and Games in Brisbane

#QAGOMA Fun and Games in Brisbane

I had promised my daughter we would spend a whole afternoon together, no phone, no work, just us.

She wanted to go to the Museum where her older cousin had taken her a few years ago. Expectations were high that there would be dinosaur bone digging and interactive dinosaurs.

She walked the entire four levels in deep disappointment. I did encourage her to focus on what they did have available to do. She delighted at the Stick Insects and squealed at the giant burrowing cockroaches in the Discovery Center.



Then she dragged me out of the discovery center and away from the insects, to try the Medievil Manor’s activities upstairs. She was eager to colour in her own crown with jewels!


Medievil Manor



From there we went to grab a ginger beer and she saw kids playing in the window inside the state library. This was when she really started to enjoy herself, as there were a number of kids for  starters and the timber houses bought her an hour of delight!


State Library Brisbane


My daughter was unconvinced originally about Goma, after a play with other children in the State Library, she was enthused to give Goma a try. We had an  absolutely awesome time, two hours flew by. This place gave both my daughter and I an opportunity to have some fun, the added benefit was I relaxed.


Out the the twelve activities happening up to the 22nd January and beyond to April, we spent two hours enjoying the Choi Jeong HWA The Mandala of Flowers 2015 and Venkat Raman Singh Shyam The Woman and the Parrot.


Do yourself and the kids a favor – Visit the museum, state library and #QAGOMA for a fun, full and FREE day out!