Small Business and Social Media

Small business and their use of social medai

While gathering information for my up and coming talk on social media in front of some 200 businesses next month I have discovered a number of statistics that I found interesting.

While many small businesses are aware they should have a social media presence they are still sitting on the fence to a large extent when it comes to social media. In the Sensis survey taken in 2015, out of 1100 small business owners and 800 consumers I found it shocking that only 30% of small business owners have a social media presence while medium sized were only 2% more at 32%.

Follow that on that only around 40% of small businesses have a website and it starts to paint an interesting picture. Basically, because out of the 800 consumers interviewed on the Sensis survey, 68% have a social media presence.

Why is it that we individually might have a personal facebook, pinterest or twitter account, but do not feature our businesses?

By far the most popular social media platform is Facebook. Out of the small 30-32% of businesses that did have a social media presence, 93% had a facebook page. What does this mean for you as a small business owner sitting on the fence as to social media? It means that that you have a SENSATIONAL opportunity to gain loyalty and meet new customers online if you know who your customer or market audience are online.

Who is your social media audience


What do I mean by knowing who your audience are?

Like any business, you need to first plan how you are going to build your business financially to pay the bills and feed your family when you leave your full-time job to own/run your own business.

Likewise, to be successful with social media you need to know the following

Who are my customers?

What are their ages, sex, interests and career choices?

Who they are will then help you to know what hobbies and interests they have. Do they have kids? Are they single or D.I.N.K.S (Double Income No Kids) Professionals?

You need to know your target audience before you create random acts of marketing or R.A.M.S

Your Social Media Strategy


Now you can begin your social media strategy to reach, inform and help them to trust you. Online customers are savvy. They want information and they want to do much on their own. That is why they google, post updates, research and price compare.

I am going to be brutal here about chasing the cheapest price. You do not have to be cheap, you want to offer expertise, value and most of all information. Share, share heaps of what you know, be helpful, solve the problems your customers have. When they are googling their pain point, they are going to find YOUR online presence. It could be your website, your business blog or a social media update. They will find you if your offer them valuable information.


No. If they use your information that you provide to do it themselves, they are not the customer you want to attract. You want the person that reads your blog or goes to your facebook page to find the answer. The person who will share your update with friends and family. Either they will become a customer or a raving fan who finds your customers for you. That is the object of why you post online.

Give it all away, both your knowledge and experience


People want content that is genuine, helpful and practical. Ditch the sales pitch, marketing and everything else you have seen and heard the last two decades. It’s old hat and will not work.

Offer your wisdom, experience, helpful tips and informative links and people will come back time and again.

You have seen that there is only 30% online, that means 70% are missing out. Nearly the same amount of people that are online. Googling products, services and looking for answers. They are the people you need to connect with.

It’s time to get off the fence and start connecting online.

Do you have a question? A pain point about social media that you would like answered?

Please comment below, or email me. I love to hear from my readers and provide content that helps you.

Social Media Workshops Brisbane


In the new financial year, I will be holding a number of workshops to teach you how to find and create content that appeals to your audience. Email me at if you want to be kept in the loop!