Small Business and Social Media

Social Media and Small Business

While social media has been around now for many years, business owners thought it would be a “passing fad” that would peak and disappear over time.

That debate has been answered by the sheer growth and noise of Twitter, Pinterest and new visual platforms like Periscope and formally Blab.

Many small business owners now find themselves at a precipice of knowing they need to become a player in the social media world, but where to begin?

There are social media gurus galore all wanting to take your money and offer you instant results, gratification.




Hello…..are they really about to give you instant results?

Social media, like any form of advertising takes time, testing, experience and some money. As a small business owner myself, I well know that there are no short cuts in a effective social media campaign. You will need to spend time educating yourself and some money to get your name seen by your target audience.

So…..where does a small business begin?

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Do you know who your ideal customer is?

What do they do for work?

How much do they earn?

Are they male or are they female?

Do they have a hobby?

Are they married?

Do they have children?

What are their worries that keep them up at night?

Can you answer all of the above questions?



Know your ideal customer or client.

Sit down for 10-30 minutes and think about only one of your ideal customers.


Learn about social media

This could be an existing or a new customer…..

Answer all of the questions above.

Then expand on that

What problems do they experience that your business can solve?

Now you have a clear picture of your ideal customer and the solutions your business can offer them.

You can decide which social media platform will suit your business, should you blog (you have a number of topics) or start a business podcast.

Too busy to read?

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Would you like some help?

I offer one to one consultations for small businesses on what social media should they can use and how to begin a blog.

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