Twitter in 10 easy steps!

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I started a twitter account two years ago, not understanding the power of twitter and I will admit, I am still to fully utilize it’s power today.

Do YOU have a twitter account?

Would you “like” to have one?

How my love of Twitter begun…….

On my first solo international trip I left Australia to fly over to the United States to attend the Social Media Marketing World Conference in 2013.

It was at this conference, that I met the wonderful and passionate Mark Schaefer. Mark explained how twitter empowered him to connect, help and network with people all over the world.

It was after his talk that my neglected twitter account of 69 zoomed up to 1500 in a matter of weeks. My account grows at a slower pace these days, as I endeavor to connect, direct message and assist where I can.

Why is Twitter so powerful?

It’s fast and interactive

You meet people from all over the globe

It’s a vehicle where you can quickly network with like minded people | professionals

Learn new ideas, share information and problem solve

Powerful search tool

If you are a blogger or have a podcast you can broadcast it easily

How do you start your own “Twitter” Account?

1. Sign Up

Type in and sign up

Use your name, email and a password

Tip : Use your “real” name

Note: If you want to set up a personal and a business account, you will need to emails to set these up!

2. Join Twitter

Complete the form in total

Take care in choosing your handle name if you will use it for your blog or business use your website | business name.

If you use it as your personal account, use your real name.

Join Twitter is Point 2


3. Click on Create my account

Create a Twitter Account Point 3


4. Click NEXT

5. When you see this message check your email

When you see this on Twitter set up - Check your email


6. Confirm your twitter account by clicking “Confirm your account now!

Confirm you Twitter Account now Point 6


7. Build your time line by following some people

You will be asked to follow at least 5 people [these can be anyone you like]

Follow people in your industry

Follow customers

Follow friends

Follow your competitors

Follow people and build your own following on Twitter Point 7


8. Complete your profile

Tip: Picmonkey or Canva have sensational FREE tools you can use to easily adjust photos

Profile Picture : 500 x 500

Full Page Picture : 1500 x 500

Use a good quality photograph

Optimize it for the web

Ensure that the photo you select highlights YOU!

Complete your profile Point 8

Use Twitter’s new broad design to YOUR advantage, just like you would your business card.

Point 7 Design a unique twitter header that matches your personality


9. Add in your “BIO”

You have 160 Characters to tell the world who you are and why you | or your business is the best!

10. Click SAVE!

I will discuss in a forth coming article how YOU can use twitter as a platform to share a message, help others or gain a following of loyal international followers.

What else would YOU like to know?

Please share with me below in the comments section.