#05 Why finding your Niche is Smart Business

Xero Managers Raewyn-Baldwin and Mike-Smith

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Work Smart, Not Harder!

You have heard this comment a million times over your lifetime.
From investment self called gurus to life coaches.
They all “preach” the concept of working smart and not harder, but do they offer you real solutions?

Of course their answer goes something like this:

“Invest in yourself now! My next seminar for smart business owners I will teach you all about achieving Life / work balance for the small price of $5,500.00.”

I am going to offer you a solution to invest more time in yourself that will cost you NOTHING!

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Simplify and focus on a niche!

Do you ever feel like you are a mouse in the wheel, running all the time but getting nowhere?

Why are you trying to be all things to all people and feeling miserable day in, and day out?

All too often we hear the comment, “There is never enough time…”

Absolutely right, there never is enough time in the day if you are not completed the following

Business plan

Written your 2016 goals with deadlinesWhat Niche

Completed a Social Media content / social media strategy

Written down how you will achieve business growth and attract new clients


Can you answer an affirmative YES to all four points above?

If you are unable or unwilling to do so, this is one of many reasons there is not enough time in the day.

You are running around in circles with no guide, schedule or idea.


Decide on your Niche

Ask yourself

What am I really good at in my business?

What product or service do I love the most and enjoy promoting?

What always brings a smile to my customer’s faces?

What creates the most income?

What takes the least amount of time, but earns me the most?


Advantages with simplifying and finding your business niche

You are energetic and enthusiastic, which means more leads will convert to customers

Keeping up to date with the latest innovations and news is much easier

Become a Key Person of Influence in your field improving your creditably and increasing trust

Reduce time and marketing cost by having a focused niche

Competition reduces, because you are seen as an expert and attract like minded customers.


Technology will bring change, are you keeping up?

Innovation is making life easier online, do you have the time at the moment to keep up with it all?

By focusing on one area, you can see FIVE big advantages above.

You need to remain competitive and by specializing in one area you can achieve a better life / work balance.


XERO Roadshow Managers share their thoughts on why businesses should niche

Mike Smith (Senior Xero Account Manager) and Raewyn Baldwin (Xero Territory Manager) took some time out from the Xero Roadshow to share why businesses should niche.

Thank you for your fantastic wisdom and insights Raewyn and Mike x

Excuse me for my stumbling, I am not used to recording LIVE on site outside of my safe warm office walls!!